Google shows Android P gesture navigation

Android navigation bar (arstechnica)Android navigation bar (arstechnica)

In a blog post, Google showed a navigation bar similar to the one seen on iPhone X, but quickly deletes it.

It all started with this postwhich was supposed to simply explain some DNS settings and some security stuff. However, users quickly noticed that the navigation bar is different. Realizing the mistake, Google quickly updated the image with a cropped version. However, you can still see the original image here.


You can clearly see that the navigation bar looks like the navigation bar/line on the iPhone X. After talking it out with the Android Twitter crew, 9to5Google’s Stephen Hall said he’s heard from sources that this is “100 percent” Android gesture navigation and that the back button is supposed to hide itself. If you wipe out the back button from this picture and call the pill-shaped home button a gesture indicator, you have something that looks exactly like the iPhone X’s gesture navigation system. In Google’s screenshot, a dialog box is open, so the theory is that in this (in-development, subject-to-change) build of Android, a back button pops up only when a dialog box is open and the button would normally disappear.

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