Possible Note 9 debut date revealed

Note 9Note 9

The upcoming Samsung Note 9 will reportedly be show to the public on August 9th.

As the release date is slowly getting closer, more and more information about the Note 9 is popping up. We already have rumors that it will rock up to 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage. And the latest rumor is that the phone will be presented on August 9th.


“People who are close and familiar with the matter” told Bloomberg that the Note 9 will, apart from the massive jump in memory, be a slight bump in performance and design. A slightly newer Qualcomm, slightly updated design, and most likely the similar cameras found on the S9+.

Keep one thing in mind – it was nowhere said that the next Note will be called Note 9…but c’mon. Samsung is expected to show the phone to the public on August 9th, and will most likely start selling them at the end of the same month. Let’s just hope that this one doesn’t blow up, too.

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