Lightweight Windows replacement – Lubuntu

Potatotron 9000Potatotron 9000

Have an old and slow PC and Windows is simply too much for it? Lubuntu is what you need.

What you need to know is that Lubuntu is a lighter version of Ubuntu. And Ubuntu is a distro (or version) of Linux. However, Lubuntu was made with specifically old and slow PCs in mind, like the Potatotron 9000 featured in the video.

Things you need is a USB pen drive with 4 GB minimum and a PC that can boot from a USB Pen drive. Otherwise, you’ll have to burn yourself a DVD (when is the last time you did that). Installing is really simple. Just mash next and BOOM you’re done. However, if you select to format the drive, it will not format the partition – will format the WHOLE drive. Oh, and you can also select if you want dual-booting. It does everything for you, and on boot you get a nice little menu if you want to select Windows or Lubuntu.


Using it is really simple. It is more responsive and snappier than Windows, especially if you don’t have a lot of RAM. Lubuntu really does sip system resources. However, do’t expect it to turn your Core2Duo rig into a monster.

And it is quite usable, too! Out of the box, you get Firefox, a replacement for Word and Excel, and some other apps that are often used. But if you want, you can install your own, like Chrome. Or Steam! If your games support running on Linux, they will run on Ubuntu…probably.

For more details, I highly suggest checking this video…

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