Remember PC Turbo buttons?

Turbo buttonTurbo button

Remember when PCs had cool TURBO buttons which in most cases actually slowed them down?

A turbo what?

Some of you might not even know about it, but during the late 80s and early/mid 90s, computer CPUs were getting faster and faster much quicker than software could keep up. And this caused some compatibility issues. See, some apps are games were specifically made to run on a CPU which runs at 4.77 or 8 MHz. And when you load the program on a faster CPU, it simply does not work as it should.


That is why hardware manufacturers implemented the TURBO button. Which in most cases actually slowed down the CPU to a lower clock (4.77 or 8 MHz) rather than speeding it up. Of course, the reason for this is because it allowed older programs and games to run normally on faster hardware.

Some manufacturers, however, did it the other way around. On stock, the CPU would run at a slower speed, and only when you press the Turbo button, your CPU would run at its full speed.

However, these buttons slowly faded away by the end of the 90s. We recommend checking this video out.


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