Samsung Galaxy S8 – All about much awaited smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S8

We all know Samsung and Apple are in a tough competition. Previous month both released their brand new race icons, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Apple’s iPhone 7. As per results iPhone 7 seems to take a leading position in the race and Samsung market was affected badly when customers started complaining about the new Samsung Galaxy S7.

Samsung has always played their cards smartly and with a two-month gap they gave the news about the release of their Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge. The release date is not announced yet but will be surely near February 2017.

As yet we don’t know its full specifications but still, we can share some details which were revealed by the Herald Korea.


Samsung S8 will be having HD display of 5.5 Inch, originally 5.1 rational displays of S series Samsung phones. After the first ill-fated smartphone Sony Xperia Z5, Samsung is going to reveal the world’s first smartphone to have a resolution of 4K.


As per news leaked on Weibo, we heard that Samsung S8 will be having  HD camera with one lens of 12-Megapixels (which is already on Samsung Galaxy S7) and other camera lenses will be 13-Megapixels. The Samsung needed to improve the camera quality because S7 already has excellent picture results and another mobile phone such as Huawei P9 has introduced monochrome still capture picture shots while Google Amazon already possess 360-degree camera. Let’s see and wait for the release of the handset to see the rest of camera specifications and its results.

Rumours and Price Explained

A lot of rumours are in the air about the main design of Samsung S8. One on the top of the list is this that there will be no home button on the mobile phone. We don’t know whether it is true or not as there was no such thing mentioned in Weibo or Korean report. The rumours also included that the Samsung S8 processor will be 10nm, which is not yet verified the news.

Processor specs

Samsung S8 is anticipated to have the super fast modem with a snapdragon of X16 built-in. This is pretty higher than 830 snapdragons of Samsung S7. There were a lot of rumours at the time of a release of Samsung S7 that there would be USB-C in the mobile set, but that did not happen at all. Now rumours stating that the USB-C technology for the first time will be introduced in the Samsung galaxy S8.

Last but not the least comes the pricing speculation about S8. Some news said a price of the set will remain between 700 USD-750 USD, as Samsung wants to release the mobile with not much pricing difference than Samsung S7.

So let’s wait for the more upcoming and exciting news about the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 handset to see the truth hidden behind these tittles- tattles. truth hidden behind these tittles- tattles.

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