Samsung Note 9 could come with a larger screen and battery

Note 9Note 9

The upcoming Note 9 will most likely have a bigger screen so it can distance itself from the Galaxy S9+.

According to Weibo, a reliable leak source, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 might arrive earlier. The new Note may be slightly larger at 6.4” and of the same aspect ratio. It’s a small change, but it will widen the gap between the Galaxy S9+ and Note 9. Whether there will be a fingerprint reader beneath this display is a whole different matter and and there are a lot of rumors on the Internet about it.


And this upscale in screen size also means that we will see a bigger battery. How much exactly, that remains a mystery. Right now, the latest Note 8 has 3300 mAh. This mean that we could see a battery anywhere from 3600 to 4000 mAh. Let’s just hope it doesn’t have the same faith as the Note 7.

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