Silicon batteries could quadruple battery capacity

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Silicon batteries could quadruple the battery capacity we have now.

More battery life is something all of us want more. However, the current battery technology simply is not progressing fast enough. Thankfully, looks like change is right around the corner, and it might make out lives much easier. The secret? Silicon!


While silicon is nothing new, we never actually got a fully working and stable version. See, the thing with silicon is, it tends to expand by as much as 400 percent as it functions within the battery’s construction. However, a Norwegian company, Kjeller Inovation, figured out the magic spice, and created an ideal combo of graphite and silicon that will make batteries last much longer without high-speed degradation. Apart from smartphones, this can also aid laptops, EVs, and anything else that has a rechargeable battery.

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The project is called Silicon X, and the company is already working on some commercial testing and looking to commercialize the technology.

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