Steam chat gets a massive overhaul

New Steam Chat SystemNew Steam Chat System

Steam’s built-in chat system didn’t change in ages, and it is clearly showing its age. However, this is about to change.

Many rumors and leaks have popped up over the web recently about the new Steam’s chat system. Many were skeptical, but as it turns out, most of the rumors turned out to be true. Valve indeed is working on a completely new chat system.


The new chat system is now an open beta, meaning anyone can give it a go.
The new chat system allows you to organize people on a variety of ways, “grouping them” (for example, a CS:GO group). You can also make individual channels, use voice chat in them, access the chats through a web browser – basically Discord (which isn’t a bad thing). Again, if you want, you can try out the new chat system right now. Read more about it on Valve’s blog post.

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