The “Black dot of death” will mess up your messaging app on iOS

iOS black dot of deathiOS black dot of death

Users have found another way to make your day worse by freezing and breaking your messaging app with a certain message.

It first started on Android and WhatsApp. If you receive the text and tap it, the WhatsApp app simply freezes. You have to force close it, and that’s it. Just don’t tap the message again and you’re okay. However, if you receive this text on your iOS device through your messaging app, it will completely crash the app, and it will not even open. You don’t even have to tap the message to mess everything up.


To fix it, you’ll have to delete the message. But how can you do it if you can’t access the message? Well…

You’ll either have to log into a different device and delete the entire thread. A second fix involves using 3D Touch on your iPhone to reopen Messages on a New Message screen, and then find your way to the main messages list and delete the thread that’s crashing the app.

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No matter which version of iOS you’re running, you are vulnerable to this issue. But of course, Apple will roll out an update for it, sometime soon.

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