Watch Alexa run on Apple watch

Alexa on Apple watch

Thanks to a third-party app, you can use Amazon Alexa on your iWatch, with limited functionality.

Amazon Alexa of course was never meant to run on an Apple Watch. However, thanks to a third-party app called Voice in a Can, you can now use Amazon Alexa on your iWatch. It is a standalone app, so you do not need your phone or anything. All you need to do is install it and connect to your Amazon account.


There are some limitations: it can’t play music, audiobooks or podcasts. Some daily flash briefings don’t work either. However, it is still useful, as you can control smart home¬†items which are linked to Alexa. But there is one small annoyance – when the screen goes black, you will be disconnected from Alexa. Right now, the app is 2 USD in the App Store. But we’re not sure if the app will stay there from a long time, since it can be taken down if Apple or Amazon don’t like it.

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