We probably won’t see a new Essential phone

Essential PhoneEssential Phone

From the very start, the Essential phone didn’t sell very well. And now, the entire company is in trouble.

The Essential Phone, or the Essential PH-1, launched in August last year. It had a lot of build-up and hype, and caught a lot of attention. Unfortunately, the phone didn’t really live up to its massive hype, and the massive initial 700 USD price tag. It was kind of a flop from the start.


To be fair, the phone itself isn’t that bad. But for 700 USD, yea, it is bad. It suffers from a mediocre camera, sluggish touchscreen, and the screen itself could be better. But the build quality is nice, though. But now, according to Bloomerang, all plans for a followup phone have been canceled, since the original Essential phone sold less that 150,000 units. There have been rumors about the entire company being on sale, however, Andy Rubin (founder or the Essential company, and co-founder of Android) Tweeted about this whole ordeal, but never mentioned the company being up for sale.

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However, after the prices have been cut down quite a lot, the phone isn’t a bad deal now, for some 200 USD.

Source: Engadget

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