YouTube introduces music streaming service


YouTube enters the highly-competitive online music market, with a paid subscription service.

For users in USA, Australia, New Zeland, Mexico and South Korea, YouTube will launch a 10 USD per month subscription for on-demand music listening. Other parts of the world will get this feature soon, too.


Isn’t this basically YouTube Red?!“, you might ask. Well, you are not wrong. With this move, YouTube is competing with other online music services, like Spotify and Apple Music.

By separating premium video content that comes with YouTube Red and music services, YouTube might attempt to boost itself as a music streamer. However, it will not be easy, due to the competition. However, Google, and by that extend YouTube, knows a lot about you, like it or not. And this data can be used to queue up some more relevant music that you might like…although YouTube already does this, music or not.

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Also, most people (including myself) don’t really mind ad breaks while listening to music on YouTube for a long period of time. Only downside, however, is that you can’t officially play YouTube music in the background (although there is a way to do so).

Anyways, it will be interesting to see how this will develop.

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