Core wars: AMD announces 32-core Ryzen Threadripper

Threadripper Gen 2Threadripper Gen 2

Yesterday, Intel showed off a 28-core unannounced CPU, running at 5 GHz. But AMD responded, and they delivered a monster, 32-core Ryzen Threadripper.

At AMD’s Computex press conference on Wednesday, they showed off what they really can do – so they showed off a monster, 32-core, 64-thred Ryzen Threadripper. Some 24h ago, Intel demonstrated a 28-core unannounced CPU running at 5 GHz, tearing through Cinabench R15-


Threadripper 2 will runĀ on a 12nm Zen+ architecture, will have the same features as Ryten second generation, and will run in the same socket. On stage, AMD demonstrated the 24-core and 32-core variant running on air cooling. It will be available in Q3 this year.

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